EFORT 2016

Explore BIOLOX® Science and Technology for Metal-Free Orthopaedic Implants

Within arthroplasty, surgeons have a number of choices to make, and the factors that bear down upon them have never been harder to balance. In a time when patients are enjoying longer and more active lives than ever before, selecting an implant material capable of surviving for longer becomes increasingly important.

One of the hot topics on the EFORT congress will be “Tribology: Bearing Choice”.

Based on the current research ceramic bearing couple shows many advantages in comparison to other bearing options. With ceramic ball heads surgeons can face less fretting corrosion than in case of metal heads1. Metal ball heads generate, in comparison with ceramic ball heads, more than 90% material loss in modular tapers2. Ceramic bearing couple also shows the lowest risk of revision for periprosthetic joint infection – up to 40% less than metal-on-polyethylene bearing combination3. And of course ceramics is safe in terms of metal ion release4.

Please come to the CeramTec booth to meet our experts and discover what’s new in ceramic technology at different BIOLOX® scientific stations.

Find a valuable solution for improving the quality of patient's lives: from ceramic bearing couples and ceramic knee implants to ceramic use in the shoulder. Our booth is B1-03.


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Worth knowing:

BIOLOX® at the 17th EFORT Congress

  • 1st to 3rd June 2016
  • CeramTec Booth No. B1-03
  • Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland

BIOLOX® Ceramic Implants at Booth No. B1-03

Palexpo Geneva Floor Plan

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