Ceramic high performance components for E-mobility

E-mobility is one of the most dynamic markets of our time. Constantly new understanding of and improvements in battery-, charging- and drive technology pose new and challenging requirements toward relevant components. For the areas of power electronics, electric motors, as well as cooling and heating, CeramTec manufactures tailored component solutions using probably the most versatile and high-performing material there is—technical ceramics.

Technical ceramics for E-mobility

Quickly adapting component specifications for hybrid and electric cars for series production is decisive for E-mobility becoming practical in daily life. Thanks to a wide range of technical ceramics, as well as our production and engineering expertise, we are able to adapt the specifications and incorporate them quickly and reliably into the high performance components for E-mobility.

Applications for technical ceramics in electric cars

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Products for E-mobility


Fields of application:
Circuit carriers for all power electronics and electronic components used in E-mobility, such as:

  • Engine control unit
  • Battery charging unit
  • PTC heating elements

For a long time, circuit carriers made of various ceramic high-performance materials, such Rubalit® or Alunit®, have been appreciated for their excellent performance in the electronics industry and now they are also proving themselves invaluable in E-mobility. Whether stamping, laser-cutting the basic shape, or metal plating: the conducting tracks are plated in our company according to customer layout with a structure which is tailored to the specific requirements.

Heat sinks

Fields of application:
Heat sinks for all power electronic components used in E-mobility, such as:

  • Engine control unit
  • Charging unit

as well as for cooling of

  • Electric motors
  • High voltage battery

Our ceramic heat sinks for various thermal management tasks in E-mobility have many things in common: Their high thermal conductivity while at the same time providing electrical isolation allows them to effectively and reliably control the heat development in small spaces when exposed to high electric loads. The sink’s design and cooling performance are determined by the operation site and the required specifications. Whatever cooling performance and sink design is required for E-mobility—as a partner we can provide ideal and individual cooling solutions while simultaneously taking technical and economic factors into consideration.

Video “Optimized Thermal Management with CeramCool® Sandwich Cooling.”