The answer in zirconium oxide for requirements in the frontal area

Translucent tooth replacement in
Zirconium Oxide Shine

Dental ceramics must – especially for the frontal area – meet special requirements: high translucency, brilliance and natural coloration and matching are extremely important here. CeramTec therefore offers blanks of a further developed zirconium oxide: Zirconium Oxide Shine.

The particularly high translucency meets these demanding requirements. This material is still more translucent than previous zirconium oxides and shows considerably higher strength than the familiar silicate materials and glass ceramics. The high translucency allows as much light to pass through the tooth replacement as through natural teeth so that it perfectly matches the colors of the surrounding teeth. The improved appearance in combination with the proven properties of zirconium oxide ceramic – good machinability, aging resistance, strength and biocompatibility – makes Zirconium Oxide Shine the quality solution for modern dental restoration, especially for the frontal area.

An extended range of pre-tinted colors is available for Zirconium Oxide Shine. Using small quantities of oxide colorants produces yellow-brown tones, rare earths bring warmer, red-ochre tones and cooler, grayish tones to the fore. Further developments, beyond the standard color range, are possible on a customer-specific basis.

Worth knowing:

Blanks of Zirconium Oxide Shine

  • Perfect, natural appearance, especially for the frontal area
  • Higher translucency
  • Pre-colored, homogeneous hue throughout
    the material
  • Customizable with the usual color liquids available on the market
  • Outstanding physical properties
  • Higher strength as compared with glass ceramic (> 680 MPa)
  • Biocompatible, allergen-free material in accordance with EC Directive 93/42/EEC and EN ISO 13485
  • Round blanks in the usual dimensions − suitable for the most usual CAD/CAM systems
  • Low sintering temperature of 1,450°C

Zirconium Oxide Shine

The colors shown here are by way of illustration only and, for technical reasons, can differ somewhat from the actual product colors.

  • Dental Ceramics

    Natural Dental Aesthetics from the Ceramic Experts

    Quality blanks made from translucent zirconium oxide

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    ISO 13485 / AC

    Location Plochingen (Mechanical Applications – Dental Line)

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