CAD/CAM-Dental ceramics for all applications

Aesthetic appearance and safety with quality blanks

Properties such as biocompatibiliy, edge strength, hydrothermal durability and bending strength make ceramic materials predestined for use in this area of medicine.

The demands on dental ceramics are increasing. Just as important nowadays as the aesthetic appearance and natural translucency of the materials are, above all, the strength values. Modern dental care needs both: Aesthetic appearance and patient safety through high material strength and stability.

Zirconium Oxide Bright is a new, forward-looking material that combines translucency and a high degree of strength and thus covers more indications and applications than ever before. It joins the product range, Zirconium Oxide Shine, Zirconium Oxide Translucent and Zirconium Oxide Opaque.

Indications Applications Zirconium Oxide Shine Zirconium Oxide Bright Zirconium Oxide Translucent Zirconium Oxide Opaque
X = CeramTec recommendation
Frontal area Veneer X X
Crown X X X
Side area Inlay / Onlay X X X
Crown X X X
Bridge Front, 3-section X X
Side, 3-section X X X X
multi-section (4+) X X X
Base structure X X X

CAD/CAM Dental Ceramics: Individual Solutions with Economy and Process Reliability in Mind

Good machinability, constant shrinkage and high edge stability – CeramTec dental ceramics meet the highest quality criteria. Through special shaping processes and precise process control in the pre-compression and pre-sintering, CeramTec blanks have the right white density and white hardness, so that they can be reliably machined both highly efficiently and in a short time. CeramTec achieves this through the combination of high-purity raw materials, special production processes and optimized micro-structure.

High-quality dental ceramics with innovative material compositions and proven biological compatibility open outstanding possibilities for CAD/CAM-manufactured tooth restorations with regard to creative aesthetic design, safety and efficient production.

Available sizes

10 mm | 14 mm | 16 mm | 18 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm

98.5 mm* | 98 mm | 99.9 mm
*Blank with step

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