Dental Ceramics

Ceramics for an Unbeatable Smile

More than 20 years’ experience in the field of dental ceramics has made CeramTec an expert partner in the development of dental products.

Dental Ceramics

“Dental ceramics with particle sizes of 0.2 μm,  that can easily withstand stresses of up to 1,500 MPa.”

A wide range of materials and a number of different manufacturing methods create preliminary products for bridges and crowns of zirconium oxide, aesthetic dentistry products made of translucent ceramic, ceramic drill blanks made of mixed ceramics and mucosal anchors made of aluminum oxide.

Dentalkeramik-Fertigung am Standort Plochingen

Dental ceramics production at our Plochingen site

With properties such as biocompatibility, edge stability, hydrothermal resistance and flexural strength, ceramic materials are ideal for use in this field of medicine. Advanced ceramics from CeramTec will put a smile on both your face and your customer's.

Our dental ceramics quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485 is a key instrument in maintaining and improving the quality of our products.

  • ISO 13485 / AC

    Location Plochingen (Mechanical Applications – Dental Line)

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    • Annex II
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    • Anhang II
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