COMPAMED – Technical ceramics for medical technology

CeramTec advanced ceramics at the world’s largest medical industry event

Once again, visitors can obtain detailed information about how advanced technical ceramics are used in manufacturing modern medical devices and products from November 18–21 in Düsseldorf: The CeramTec ceramic experts will be exhibiting at COMPAMED.

“Take advantage of this opportunity – meet the Ceramic Experts at MEDICA and COMPAMED in Düsseldorf!”

MEDICA is the largest trade fair for the medical industry worldwide. Experts have faithfully marked their calendars each year in anticipation of this event for over 40 years now. COMPAMED is the leading international marketplace for the medical supply industry and product development. It takes place alongside MEDICA and offers a broad spectrum of technology and service solutions for use in the medical technology sector – from new materials, components, primary products and services to complex custom orders and nanotechnology.

COMPAMED is the ideal information and communications platform for CeramTec. After all – from lithotripters and artificial hip joints to anesthetic equipment – CeramTec advanced ceramics are not only used in all types of medical devices, but also in the human body.

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CeramTec at the COMPAMED


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Advanced ceramics for manufacturing medical devices
and products

CeramTec has a large range of advanced ceramic materials with a wide variety of properties to offer the right solutions for various ceramic applications in the medical industry and in medical product development.

In medical engineering applications, the key is to use the specific properties of technical ceramics in areas where these materials can truly shine.

Depending on the material, advanced ceramics are

  • Biocompatible
  • Chemically resistant
  • Electrically insulating
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Sterilizable
  • Transparent
  • Wear-resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Exceptionally strong

The ceramic experts will present this broad spectrum of ceramic materials at Booth 08b-G31 and offer in-depth information on application scenarios that showcase the unique mechanical, electrical, thermal and biological-chemical properties of technical ceramics in the field of medical technology.

For a broad overview on CeramTec’s competencies in medical technology please visit this product overview and download this brochure:

CeramTec Competence in Joint Replacement and Dental Ceramics

CeramTec Ceramic Materials for Medical Applications

Ceramic Competence in Piezo and Electronic Applications

COMPAMED: CeramTec in Hall 8b, booth G25

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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