Non-oxide Ceramics – Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

Ceramic Material with Very High Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is the only technical ceramic material that features an extremely interesting combination of very high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation properties.

Worth knowing:

Properties of Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

  • Very high thermal conductivity (> 200 W/mK)
  • High electrical insulation capacity (>1.1012Ωcm)
  • Strength according to the double ring method >320 MPa (biaxial strength)
  • Low thermal expansion 4 to 6x10-6K-1 (between 20 and 1000°C)
  • Good metalization capacity

This makes aluminum nitride predestined for use in power and microelectronics applications. For example, it is used as a circuit carrier (substrate) in semiconductors or as a heat-sink in LED lighting technology or high-power electronics.