CeramCool® Honeycomb Cooler

Large-area liquid Cooling with a Power Density of up to 400 W/cm2

The three-dimensionally processed honeycomb heat-sinks made of aluminum nitride are ideally suited for applications that require efficient cooling for very large surfaces.

CeramTec honeycomb heat-sinks have been proven in practical applications for more than 20 years. The flat, monolithic structure made of AlN ceramic is absolutely air tight after firing, making it the perfect choice for high external pressure applications.

Large-area liquid cooling with a power density of up to 400 W/cm2

Worth knowing:

CeramCool® Honeycomb Cooler

  • Flat, monolithic heat-sink design
  • Both hose connections are on the same side
  • Suitable for high external pressure applications
  • Power densities of up to 400 W/cm2

Technical Data for CeramCool® Honeycomb Cooler

Dimensions 114.5 x 99.5 x 15 mm
Rth 0.0025 K/W
R'th 0.173 Kcm2/W
@ 50 l/min
Cooling line side
Electronics top
Metalization direct on one side

Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate

Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate Pressure Drop

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