CeramCool® Box Cooler

Modular Liquid Cooling across the entire
Heat-Sink Surface

The CeramCool® Box Cooler is constructed from multiple layers of AIN aluminum nitride ceramic, making it possible to achieve virtually any internal structure design and cool right to the edges of the surface. Cooling can be adjusted across the entire surface or adapted to specific usage conditions.

Another unique feature of the CeramCool® Box Cooler is that it can be metalized on all sides, which – with the cover metalization – also enables electrically conductive interconnection. This, along with the rear-side connections on the heat-sink, makes it possible to create easily pluggable modules. The solution is almost infinitely scalable to large fields in both the x and y directions.

Worth knowing:

CeramCool® Box Cooler

  • Multilayer construction
  • Pinpoint internal structure design
  • Cooling to the edges
  • Can be metalized on multiple sides, enabling three-dimensional arrangement of components
  • Can be scaled in any direction

Technical Data for CeramCool® Box Cooler

Dimensions 40 x 40 x 16 mm
Rth 0.0066 K/W
R'th 0.105 Kcm2/W
@ 25 l/min
Cooling line bottom
Electronics top
Metalization direct on multiple sides

Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate

Characteristic curve temperature flow rate pressure drop

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