Ceramaseal® NPT Feedthroughs

Ceramic-to-Metal Feedthroughs with NPT Fittings

Ceramaseal® pressure feedthroughs are terminated in NPT (National Pipe Thread) fittings or other threaded fittings to allow for easy bulkhead installation. The NPT pressure feedthroughs are designed to be sealed using Teflon tape or other acceptable sealants.

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Worth Knowing:

Ceramaseal® NPT
Feedthrough Applications

  • Components for undersea communications
  • Geothermal energy exploration
  • Power generation
  • Furnaces/ovens

These Ceramaseal® components are usually used in pressure vessels or industrial environments. Vacuum applications are also common but note that the use of threaded connections in a vacuum system should be minimized as the small spaces between the threads can cause virtual leaks.

“Ceramaseal® pressure feedthroughs from CeramTec are equipped with NPT fittings or threads for easy installation.”

Typical Construction of Ceramaseal® NPT Feedthroughs
(1) NPT Fitting, (2) Flange, (3) Insulator, (4) Washer, (5) Conductor

Ceramaseal® NPT pressure feedthroughs are designed for pressure up to 1,700 bar. In every design, the ceramic used is alumina or glass-ceramic; the NPT mounting members are 304 or 316 stainless steel and the ceramic-metal braze materials are silver, silver-copper or copper.

Worth Knowing:

Ceramaseal® NPT Feedthrough
Standard Specifications

  • 0.31 cm (1/8") to 1.27 cm (1/2") NPT fittings
  • Internal pressure from 1x10-10 torr to 1,700 bar (25,000 psig)
  • Feedthrough, multipin connector, coaxial, CeramTite- and Tec-Seal components available
  • 1 to 10 conductors

Custom Designs and Solutions

  • Various fitting options: Cone and thread, NPT, straight thread and weld designs
  • Internal pressure from 1x10-10 torr to 2,760 bar (40,000 psig)
  • Instrumentation, multipin connector, coaxial and thermocouple units available
  • Precious metal braze alloys
  • Pressures up to 1,380 bar (25,000 psig)

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