Ceramaseal® Accessories

Vacuum Accessory Components

Spacers, flanges, isolators, cables, contacts and plugs to connect, terminate, install, or isolate Ceramaseal® feedthroughs.

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In-vacuum Cables

  • Voltages up to 3 kV DC
  • Currents up to 34 A
  • Suitable for UHV use
  • Temperature ratings as high as 650°C
  • Various fitting options
  • Can be used with many CeramTec feedthroughs
  • Dual cables for instrumentation and thermocouples


  • Used to connect conductors for instrumentation, thermocouples and power in high-temperature vacuum systems, inert atmospheres or in air
  • Operational to as high as 400° C
  • Thermocouple contacts use thermocouple materials to minimize the induced error from dissimilar materials
  • Can be used as direct replacement for the contacts in most standard MIL-C-5015 plugs

Typical Cable Construction
(1) Socket, (2) Conductor, (3) Insulator, (4) Nut, (5) Steel braid, (6) Bead insulator, (7) Conductor

Ceramic Spacers

  • Manufactured from high-alumina ceramics
  • For use in UHV environments, inert atmospheres or air
  • Can be subjected to the high temperatures associated with bakeout cycles Can be used in excess of 800°C, but are limited by thermal expansion differences of conductors
  • Will accommodate up to 35 conductors while maintaining separation required to withstand instrumentation voltages

Ceramic Standoffs

  • Manufactured from high-vacuum grade non-porous ceramic
  • 300 series stainless steel washers and 400 series stainless steel bolts provided
  • Temperature ratings as high as 400°C
  • Can be used to support cables, plates or samples at elevated voltages within a vacuum or pressure system
  • Voltages to 40 kV in vacuum, 16 kV in air

ISO-NW Flange

  • Vacuum rating up to 10-9 torr, after sustained use up to 150°C (repeated bakeout to 200°C can cause deterioration of o-rings and require periodic replacement)
  • Create a vacuum seal by closing an aluminum clamp to compress a Viton o-ring on a centering ring between mating flanges

ConFlat Flange

  • Vacuum rating up to 10-10 torr or better, even after repeated cycling from -196°C to 450°C
  • Create a reliable seal by compressing a flat copper gasket between the seal surfaces of two compatible flanges
  • Can also be used with an o-ring seal


  • Suitable for high voltage (up to 20 kV) and extended temperature range (up to 260°C)
  • All instrumentation and thermocouple plugs can be purchased separately

Vacuum Flanges

  • Manufactured to meet industry standards
  • Made from stainless steel specially processed to eliminate microscopic leak paths

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