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Your future starts here: At CeramTec you work with one of the most fascinating materials of our time – advanced ceramics. This material is used virtually everywhere – from automotive to medical engineering and aerospace technology. Applicants can look forward to exciting challenges.

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Please find job postings in Germany on the German vacancies page. Depending on the location of a vacancy, its job posting is written either in the native language or English.

Position Location Date
VEDOUCÍ NÁKUPU Sumperk 2019-10-17
Sales Manager: Medical Equipment Southampton / Ruabon 2019-10-10
Sales Manager Sumperk 2019-07-29
Technolog Sumperk 2019-03-11
Obsluha CNC Frézky Sumperk 2019-03-11
Obsluha CNC Soustruhu Sumperk 2019-03-11