Success stories at CeramTec

“I have no reason to change jobs
because I've enjoyed it here since my very first day.”

Stephan Kaiser
Technical Manager at the
Plochingen and Ebersbach sites

I began my training program as a Mechanic at CeramTec in 1983. Three years later, after passing my exams, the main workshop hired me and I was able to complete a training program here as an Industry Foreman in Metalworking. After graduating from the program, I was responsible for work safety in the Plochingen and Ebersbach sites and requested additional training as a Specialist for Work Safety certified by the Trade Association (BG). Later I worked for several years as a foreman in the main workshop in Plochingen. In this role I introduced the “Macos” maintenance system as a major project in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and later was responsible for deploying the SAP PM module where the data from Macos was stored.

“I have always had excellent opportunities for advancement, which is why I've never had a reason to change companies.”

Then in 2009 I was appointed Technical Director of the Plochingen site. Our department is responsible for ensuring that “everything works”. In other words, my employees in the workshops install and maintain all of the production facilities, equipment and buildings here. I’m also in charge of work safety and environmental protection – so I’ve got my hands full. There’s never a dull moment here!

Today I am responsible for 37 employees, who I work with every day to solve new technical challenges. I also work closely with colleagues from other departments and have made a number of friends there, too. Of course, the opportunities I’ve had for advancement have also benefited me financially.

Based on my experience I understand that it pays to know the company and it’s products from the ground up. There are many ways to make a career for yourself, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than with CeramTec.

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