CeramTec for students

More Responsibility in Practice –
Right from the Start

“I want to know. Not just from a theoretical perspective, but from a practical standpoint as well. My goal: High-tech with a future. I’m completing my internship and my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at CeramTec. I can contribute my ideas in a variety of different areas, receive personalized instruction and have the best possible chance of finding a job in the field of my choosing.”

Your hard work and dedication pays off. Both during and after your university studies. Welcome to one of the leading high-tech companies with a material that is shaping the future. You learn first hand about a number of different areas of specialization. You are part of a team and share responsibility for results, partner up with experts, work on solutions and can even “brainstorm creatively”. Independence, individual responsibility, presenting yourself with confidence – show your strengths. Your career has an excellent future at CeramTec.

The Perfect Fit

Your opportunities at CeramTec – during or following your studies (university/university of applied sciences) in the areas of

  • Medical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Technology/Materials Science
  • Materials Science
  • Process Engineering
  • Business Administration

Internships and dissertations are possible in any of these areas. Application requirements:

  • You must be currently enrolled at a university/technical college
  • Apply at least three months before your planned start
  • The internship should last between four and six months

Please refer to the german-language CeramTec website version for current current positions and dissertations.

Recommended Contacts

Please click on the button “Contacts” to the right, to get a list with the personal and direct responsible contacts within the CeramTec Group.