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The launch of your career at CeramTec often begins with a number of questions. We’ve put together the most important inquiries for you here. If you have any additional questions or if the answers presented here appear incomplete to you, don’t hesitate to contact our Career Advisors.

Questions / Answers

How do I apply?

You may apply by regular mail, but email applications are preferred.

Please note, however, that email applications should be prepared with the same care as traditional, printed résumés. Form letters and mass CV mailings appear ill-considered and unpersuasive.

Please do not add more than 5 attachments to your email application. Note the maximum file size of 5 MB.

Who should I talk to about my application?

The responsible contact to whom you may address your application is listed in the relevant job posting.

If you have questions about your application or a job posting, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the respective contact listed in the job posting.

When should I apply for a position?

High school students applying for traineeships:

Approx. one year before the start of your traineeship

Students interested in introductory internships:

Approx. three months before you wish to begin your internship

Students applying for summer jobs:

By March 15 of the same year at the latest. Applications received after the deadline will be registered, but may not be considered in the selection of candidates.

Students applying for an internship or a dissertation:

Approx. three to six months before the internship begins

Entry-level candidates / experienced candidates:

You may apply as long as a job posting is still online on our website.

Which documents should I attach to my application?

In general, your application should include the following:

  • A personal cover letter
  • A complete CV
  • A photo would be desirable

Applications for traineeships:

  • Transcripts from the last two schools you attended
  • Proof of completed internships, training courses, etc.

Applications for introductory internships:

  • Transcripts from the last school you attended
  • Information concerning the date you wish to begin your internship
  • Information concerning the area in which you would like to work

Applications for summer jobs:

  • Information concerning the desired time frame
  • Willingness to work in shifts would be desired

Since most of our positions are shift-based, applicants must be at least 18 years of age due to labor laws designed to protect minors.

Applications for internships or dissertations:

  • Certificate of Abitur (high school diploma, A-levels or Bac)
  • Current proof of enrollment
  • Current academic report with a listing of credit points
  • Letters of reference for internships and employment
  • Information concerning the date you wish to begin your internship and the area in which you would like to work

Applications from entry level candidates / graduates:

  • Certificate of Abitur (high school diploma, A-levels or Bac)
  • Certificate of completion (if not yet available: current grade report)
  • Letters of reference for internships and employment

Applications from experienced candidates / professionals:

  • Diploma (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree or diploma with an overview or your grades)
  • Letters of reference for internships and employment

How can I learn more about new job postings?

Our latest job postings can be found at www.ceramtec.com/careers/vacancies/. On the same web page you can additionally subscribe to an RSS feed with job postings – either for all or for individual areas.

What types of traineeships does CeramTec offer?

Lauf Site:

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Machine and Equipment Operator
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Technical Product Designer
  • Industrial Ceramics Specialist

Marktredwitz Site:

  • Electronics Technician
  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Ceramics Specialist
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Technical Product Designer
  • Computer Science Specialist
  • Bachelor of Engineering

Plochingen Site:

  • Bachelor of Arts (with a major in Industry)
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Computer Science Specialist
  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Machine and Equipment Operator
  • Technical Product Designer

Does CeramTec offer introductory internships for high school students?

We are happy to offer introductory internships for high school students in a variety of divisions. The important thing is to apply on time and tell us when you wish to start your internship, how long you can work for and which division you would like to work in.

Does CeramTec offer student internships or the option of completing a dissertation (Diploma / Bachelor’s / Master’s)?

We are happy to offer students a variety of internship options.

For our latest job postings, please visit: www.ceramtec.com/careers/students/

If you are unable to find the right job posting for you, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application to the contacts listed for the respective sites.

Does CeramTec offer summer jobs?

Feel free to send us your application for a summer job.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

We always publish job postings for all of our vacant positions on our website. Unfortunately, this means that unsolicited applications are not likely to bring the desired results. Instead, we recommend that you visit our site from time to time at www.ceramtec.com/careers/vacancies/, to see whether any new positions have been added that may interest you.

How long does the application process take?

We will send you a confirmation letter a few days after we receive your application. Then we ask for your patience as we review how to place you within in our company.

What opportunities are available for high school / college students to learn more about CeramTec?

We’re happy to organize company tours for class trips for high school or college students on request. These contacts are available to answer any questions you may have.

We also participate in the “Girls’ Day” and “Company Holiday” campaigns at our Plochingen site. Visit our website for a detailed schedule of events.

For more information, visit the event organizers’ websites:


School / College Fairs

Would you like to meet us in person? Then visit us at the following fairs.

Recommended Contacts

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