Technical careers at CeramTec

More Recognition for Good Work

“I enjoy working with sophisticated products of the future. I need to be well-trained and at the top of my game at all times. I have to be able to solve problems as part of a team in order to help produce perfect quality, cost-effective components from technical ceramics. CeramTec acknowledges and appreciates my hard work.”

Our commercial/technical employees accomplish great things. CeramTec has established itself as one of the world’s top companies in the field, manufacturing 10,000 different products, components and parts from advanced ceramics. These products have been awarded international quality certificates and are used in demanding applications that require the utmost safety and reliability. Take energy technology or medicine, for example. Everyone who works at CeramTec understands their responsibility and acts with foresight. The aim is to achieve optimum quality with “zero errors”. At the same time, we also ensure that our products are developed, manufactured and sold in an affordable, safe and environmentally friendly way. We are proof that it is now possible to manufacture products economically while conserving energy and protecting natural resources. Everyone is responsible for quality, safety, health and environmental protection in their field of work. At CeramTec you will meet more people who think further, never stop learning and achieve success than anywhere else.

We’re Looking for You

CeramTec boasts well-equipped, state-of-the-art workplaces and numerous opportunities for growth to candidates interested in commercial/technical careers – such as

  • Application Engineer
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Measurement Technician
  • Process Engineer
  • Industry Foreman
  • Machine Fitter
  • Energy Electronics Technician
  • Technical Product Designer
  • Lab Technician (CTA/PTA)
  • Computer Science Specialist
  • Machine and Equipment Operator

Current Positions for Technical Careers

Please find job postings in Germany on the German vacancies page. Depending on the location of a vacancy, its job posting is written either in the native language or English.

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