Advanced ceramics in our world

Where Can Advanced Ceramics Be Found?

Whether at home, in the office, industrial manufacturing, in hospitals or on the road: We are surrounded by products made from engineered ceramic materials that deliver peak performance – and we usually don’t even realize it.

Advanced ceramics are used where other materials reach their limits: under enormous stress, in extreme temperatures, under current – and even in the human body. They provide reliable solutions in all types of industrial production and high-tech applications. Advanced ceramics get us safely and comfortably to where we are going and provide us with clean energy using more efficient technologies. We communicate on smaller devices and benefit from improved quality of life.

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The brochure “Where Can Advanced Ceramics Be Found?” for download

Take a look at the CeramTec brochure “Where Can Advanced Ceramics Be Found?” and discover all the places where you can find the versatile ceramic materials the ceramic experts offers. Answers to the questions which material properties make advanced ceramics so unique, what types of engineered ceramic materials are there or any further question around advanced technical ceramics will be answered in the materials section.

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    Where Can Advanced Ceramics Be Found?

    Nearly everywhere…

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    • Language: PDF, 7.3 MB

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