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CeramTec versus COVID-19

In these times, people in many areas of life, but especially in medicine and care, are surpassing themselves and doing incredible things for all of us. We at CeramTec do everything we can to support them with our products in the best possible way.


Ceramic substrates ideal blood sample carrier
for diagnostics

Boosting testing capacity for verifying the COVID-19 virus in blood samples is still one of the major issues to further contain the spread of the virus and to return step-by-step back to normal life, be it to business, school or leisure activities.


Piezo-ceramic In-Line sensors help protect
dialysis patients

For most people infected by the COVID-19 virus, the disease has no major impact and they fully recover. In seldom and extreme cases of COVID-19, the disease can affect the functioning of vital organs such as the kidneys.


Hermetic feedthroughs enable RNA sequencing in COVID-19 testing equipment

Testing plays a crucial role as preventive action against the further spread of the virus, so it is vital to boost testing capacity globally. Many independent laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are investing an enormous amount of resources to develop COVID-19 testing procedures – especially for fast and reliable test results.


Piezo ceramic In-Line sensors critical for life saving infusions

For most people infected by the Covid-19 virus, the disease has no major impact on their health. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of patients need to be treated in hospitals and some of them even in the intensive care unit.


Reliable virus tests thanks to hermetic components from CeramTec

Reliable testing of the COVID-19 virus and large testing capacity will be one of the key milestones to return to a “normal” life. Currently testing is mainly restricted to patients with serious symptoms or to people working in systemrelevant, mostly medical, security or infrastructure functions.


Piezoceramic power converters are convincing in the production of medical protective masks

The use of protective masks in public places for the mutual protection of infections with the COVID-19 virus is intensively and controversially discussed worldwide. However, the special protection of these masks in the medical field and especially in the treatment of COVID-19 patients is beyond question.


Piezoceramics from CeramTec nebulizing liquid medicine in lung ventilators

Respirators are life-savers for many critically ill patients and can now be seen daily on the news in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. The extremely increas-ing number of intensive care patients fighting for their lives against this virus with ventilators has made these devices a very scarce commodity and presents manufacturers with great challenges to produce and make available additional devices as quickly as possible.


CeramTec dipping molds are essential for the production of disposable medical gloves

The lack of protective equipment for doctors and nurses has become a major problem worldwide in the era of the COVID-19 virus. All manufacturers are under enormous pressure to ensure adequate supplies. In addition to protective masks and protective suits, disposable medical gloves are urgently needed.


CeramTec ultrasonic sensors help dialysis patients

The COVID-19 virus is particularly dangerous for elderly people and people with pre-existing illnesses. Dialysis patients, for example, represent a highly endangered group of people. To protect these patients, treatment is transferred to patients' homes instead of dialysis centers whenever possible. The demand for mobile dialysis machines is therefore increasing rapidly. ultrasonic sensors play a key role in both mobile and stationary equipment.