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Medical Publications

The articles presented and the results of the BIOLOX® Symposia are collected together in conference proceedings, which contain the key topics concerning scientific and technical developments and how they relate to the optimization of joint replacement systems.

Abstract Books from BIOLOX® Symposia

Conference Proceedings from BIOLOX® Symposia 1996–2007

CeramTec has held scientific symposia since 1996 for interested clinical users in orthopedics and traumatology, research workers and implant manufacturers. These meetings aim to provide a platform for discussions about the use of ceramics in joint replacement and about the latest scientific developments as well as to support interdisciplinary and international trends and to promote the clinical use of ceramic wear couples.

We invite you to download the individual articles from the BIOLOX® Symposia conference proceedings from 1996-2007 available here in PDF format.

Clinical Results

Additional Publications (published by Springer)

  • Cobb: Modern Trends in THA, ISBN Nr. 978-3-642-13988-8
  • Knahr: Tribology in THA, ISBN Nr. 978-3-642-19429-0
  • Helsen: Biomaterials: A Tantalus Experience, ISBN Nr. 978-3-642-12531-7