BIOLOX® Ceramic Shoulder Joint Components

BIOLOX®delta for Shoulder Arthroplasty –
The Material Makes the Difference

Polyethylene wear, implant loosening, metal allergy and infection are among the greatest problems in shoulder arthroplasty. There is a solution to reduce the risk of these problems: BIOLOX®delta ceramics.

Modern high-performance ceramics are biocompatible and bioinert. The ceramic material does not elicit any known allergic reactions. The extremely hard and smooth surface minimizes polyethylene wear.

These qualities have enabled the ball heads and inserts of the BIOLOX®delta family to set new tribology standards in hip replacement. With implant heads made from BIOLOX®delta ceramics, a new era in shoulder arthroplasty begins. Reduced wear, no known allergy risk and a lower risk of infection all add up to fewer complications.

Worth knowing:

BIOLOX®delta for Shoulder Arthroplasty – The Material Makes the Difference

  • Excellent biological behavior*
  • No known pathogenic reaction to
    ceramic particles*
  • Highly scratch-resistant articulation surface*
  • Minimized polyethylene wear*
  • No release of metal ions*
  • Very good wettability*
  • Reduced risk of infection*
  • Cartilage friendly*
  • Reduced risk of fretting corrosion*

Shoulder implants are under development and are not approved by any Authority.
*References available on file at CeramTec on request.

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