BIOLOX® Modular Cup Inserts

Long term secure fixation of the cup insert in the metal acetabular shell is achieved by means of the CeraLock® fixation concept.

This fixation concept relies on the proven conical fixation of BIOLOX® cup inserts directly in the metal acetabular shell. The selection of the angle allows the surgeon to loosen the fixation of the cup insert.

Inside diameter Ø
Outside diameter Ø *

* The outside diameters of the cup inserts are adapted to the inside diameters of the various cup systems.

22.2 not available not available
28 42–70 BIOLOX®delta, BIOLOX®delta
32 46–70 BIOLOX®delta, BIOLOX®delta
36 50–70 BIOLOX®delta, BIOLOX®delta
40 54–70 BIOLOX®delta

BIOLOX®delta Inserts XLWzero

BIOLOX®delta Inserts XLW18

BIOLOX®forte Inserts (Production only on request)

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