Low Wear

Wear Debris can lead to early loosening of the Implant

In general, hip joint components are very stable and very rarely fail. One risk factor, however, is wear of the articulating surfaces of the prosthetic joint, which continually rub against each other whenever the patient moves. Depending on the material used, as many as 500,000 micro-particles can be released per step.

Reduction of Wear

These microparticles accumulate at the prosthesis-bone interface and cause reactions similar to corrosion, which can impact the surrounding bone tissue. Doctors describe these reactions as osteolysis or “particle disease”. The consequences can be severe: The bone can soften and resorb. As a result early loosening of the prosthesis can occur, in which case an operation to revise the prosthesis may be necessary.

However, to what extent wear occurs and how the wear particles behave in the body depends to a large degree on the materials used in the wear couple. The choice of ball head and cup insert can therefore have a significant effect on the life expectancy of the implant.

These conclusions are based on scientific articles and medical publications.

Ceramic Components should always be considered

Because of their excellent properties, ball heads and cup inserts made from extremely wear-resistant advanced ceramics should always be considered as an option when choosing a hip replacement. Ceramic wear couples, which offer the lowest wear rate combined with superior biocompatibility, currently help millions of patients all over the world. Ceramic wear couples significantly reduce the risk of osteolysis (particle disease due to wear debris) and the associated risk of early implant revision in hip replacement applications.

These conclusions are based on scientific articles and medical publications.

BIOLOX® Ceramics are a success Story

BIOLOX® ceramic is the most frequently used material worldwide for ceramic components for hip replacement implants supplied by a single manufacturer. Over more than 14 million BIOLOX® components have been sold since 1974. Around 60% of all patients in Central Europe who undergo hip joint operations receive BIOLOX® component implants. All of the world’s leading orthopedic manufacturers offer hip joint replacement systems featuring proven BIOLOX® ceramic components. Our close collaborative partnership with orthopedic manufacturers, materials scientists and medical professionals is a fundamental guarantee of this success.