BIOLOX® Patient Information

CeramTec stands for high-quality ceramic joint replacements and advanced ceramics that set standards. For over more than 40 years we have led the way in the research, development and manufacturing of bioceramics around the globe. Over 10 million patients on every continent are proof of the resounding success of our products.

Extensive specialized knowledge in development and production together with uncompromising quality management make BIOLOX® advanced ceramic implants the successful, clinically-proven standard for medical professionals worldwide.

Modern Materials

Today’s hip replacements comprise a number of different modular hip joint systems.

The advantages of ceramic/ceramic wear couples

Minimized Risks

Ceramic wear couples are characterized by minimum wear and outstanding biocompatibility.

How to minimize the risk of particle disease

No Allergies

This is why ceramic is characterized by its superior tissue compatibility and does not cause allergic reactions.

Numerous studies have proven the excellent biocompatibility of ceramic/ceramic wear couples.