BIOLOX® Material Combinations

Taper Fixation

A taper fixation is made up of a stem taper and a taper in the femoral ball head (drill hole). Each of these tapers has characteristic properties such as taper angle, diameter, straightness and roundness and surface properties, which are essential for a precise matching of the components. For secure taper locking, the fit of the taper fixation between the femoral ball head and the stem taper is very important.

There is still no standard for the stem taper. Implant manufacturers continue to use tapers with their own specifications (for example, various 12/14 tapers), which differ in terms of geometry, structure and surface properties. The intervals between the neck lengths (S, M, L and XL) are also not standardized and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer by several millimeters.

It is vital that surgeons combine only those arthroplasty stems and femoral ball heads that the implant manufacturer has declared to be compatible. The implant manufacturers are responsible for the release of the stem taper / femoral ball head combinations and supply the components to the hospitals. The surgeon must comply with the details regarding approved combinations provided by the implant manufacturer in the instructions for use and other written information.

For more information please see the brochure “The Neck Taper in Hip Arthroplasty”.

  • Neck Taper and Compatibility

    What Does the Surgeon Have to Consider?

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