BIOLOX® Ceramics: Sold more than 15 million times since 1974

Bioceramics – High-tech Is Becoming More and More Popular for Artificial Hip Joints

Its Medical Products Division has made CeramTec the world’s most important manufacturer in the field of bioceramics for joint replacements in hip arthroplasty. The division also delivers ceramic components for modular systems to the majority of orthopedic manufacturers worldwide. As a global market leader, CeramTec has been setting standards for over four decades thanks to its innovative materials technology.

BIOLOX®delta: The newest generation of ceramics

No other manufacturer’s material is used as often for wear couples as BIOLOX® ceramics. More than 15 million BIOLOX® components have been sold since 1974. Around 60% of all patients in Central Europe who undergo hip joint operations receive BIOLOX® component implants. All of the world’s leading orthopedic manufacturers offer hip joint replacement systems featuring proven BIOLOX® ceramic components. Our close collaborative partnership with orthopedic manufacturers, materials scientists and surgeons is a fundamental guarantee of this success.

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