Bone-sparing Joint Reconstruction with Increased Range of Motion

Many publications hold polyethylene wear responsible for clinical failure following the implantation of a bipolar prosthesis. The BIOLOX®DUO bipolar head makes it possible to combine the superior wear properties and excellent biocompatibility of the well-proven BIOLOX®forte ceramic with the known advantages of a bipolar prosthesis and take advantage of these benefits for long term implantation.

The decisive, clinically-proven advantage of a BIOLOX®forte wear couple is that no polyethylene wear takes places. Considering the linear wear rate, the wear of ceramic is a factor of 200 times less than that of polyethylene in a metal/polyethylene system. A further advantage is that no metal ions are released. Moreover, BIOLOX®forte ceramics does not cause allergic reactions. Ceramic wear particles are biocompatible.

BIOLOX®DUO permits a high degree of flexion with a lower risk of dislocation


The BIOLOX®DUO bipolar head is suitable for use in the treatment of femoral neck fractures and femoral head necrosis provided the acetabulum is well-preserved and worth retaining, and there is sufficient bone density. Design and product range of BIOLOX®DUO, the first all-ceramic bipolar system, comprises: outer BIOLOX®forte shell, with diameters of 42 to 56 mm in 1 mm intervals, BIOLOX®forte ball head with ø 28 mm or BIOLOX®delta ball head with ø 28 mm polyethylene fixation ring.

The BIOLOX®DUO brochure and CD-ROM feature additional information and 3D animations; request your copy here.

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