BIOLOX® Cup Inserts

Ceramic/ceramic wear couples made from BIOLOX® demonstrate the lowest in vitro and in vivo wear rates over time. Their friction particles keep biological reactions as low as possible thanks to their size, shape and chemical composition.

The significantly lower osteolytic potential of ceramic wear products implies a clinical advantage for ceramic/ceramic wear couples made of BIOLOX®.

The results are excellent and have been proven in detail over extended periods to deliver

  • the lowest wear rates
  • outstanding biocompatibility and excellent stability in vivo
  • biocompatibility of both the solid material and the particles
  • diamond-like hardness of the material
  • third-body wear

Monoblock Cup Inserts

Monoblock Cup Inserts

Modular Cup Inserts

Modular Cup Inserts

  • BIOLOX® Ceramics for Medical Products

    BIOLOX® Inserts – Safety reminder

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