Anatomically contoured

BIOLOX CONTOURA® is a contoured femoral head mimicking the anatomical shape of the proximal femur. It was conceived and developed at the Harris Orthopedics Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA by Drs. Orhun Muratoglu, Kartik M. Varadarajan, Harry Rubash, Henrik Malchau, and Andrew Freiberg in cooperation with CeramTec GmbH.

BIOLOX CONTOURA® was cleared for use in the USA by the FDA in August 2019 and was first implanted by Dr. Guild, Atlanta, GA.


Research on the implant began in 2012, led by Drs. Muratoglu and Varadarajan, together with Drs. Rubash, Malchau, and Freiberg. The research team worked with Partners HealthCare Innovation, the business development unit of Partners, and partnered with CeramTec to design and test the anatomically contoured ceramic head.


BIOLOX CONTOURA® femoral heads retain the outer diameter profile of conventional implants and incorporate a contoured shoulder with a lesser radius to reduce the volume of material exposed to the soft tissue. The contoured design provides a smooth transition throughout the femoral head and the head-neck junction.

  • Made of BIOLOX®delta
  • Mimicking the anatomical shape of the femoral head
  • Reduced volume and radius
    underneath equator
  • Reduced potential for interaction with the
    surrounding tissues
  • Same size as a conventional design
  • Same stability provided as with a conventional head design
  • Available Diameter: 28, 32, 36, 40, 44 mm
  • First Clearance in 2019 by the FDA

Conventional Head

Contoured Head

36mm Conventional Head

36mm Contoured Head

Contoured vs. Conventional Head

Additional Literature

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BIOLOX®delta and BIOLOX®forte conventional femoral heads and inserts as well as BIOLOX®OPTION are registered by CeramTec's customers. BIOLOX CONTOURA® is registered in the USA by CeramTec’s customers. The bicondylar knee implants made of Biolox®delta are registered in the EU by CeramTec’s customers. BIOLOX®DUO is registered by CeramTec‘s customers only in Japan. The products are not registered / available in all countries. Caution: All other shown implants (e.g. shoulder, H1 hip resurfacing, direct-to-bone or ceramic foam products) are under development and are not approved by any authorities. DENSILOX® implants as well as the ceramic foam used for dental components are under development and are not approved by any authorities. VERILOX® implants are not for human but only for veterinarian use and are not approved by any authorities.