Combinations, Sizes and Materials

BIOLOX® Ball Heads – High Variability of Usage

BIOLOX®forte and BIOLOX®delta ball heads and cup inserts can be combined with ceramic components from the BIOLOX® family of products as well as with inserts made from conventional and highly cross-linked polyethylene. Below you will find an overview of the available sizes and many combination possibilities.

BIOLOX® Ceramic/Ceramic Wear Couples

The results are excellent and have been proven in detail over extended periods to deliver

  • the lowest wear rates
  • outstanding biocompatibility and excellent stability in vivo
  • biocompatibility of both the solid material and the particles
  • diamond-like hardness of the material
  • high resistance to third-body wear

BIOLOX®delta Ball Head Portfolio


BIOLOX®forte Ball Head Portfolio


BIOLOX® Portfolio Material Combinations


Larger femoral Ball Head Diameters thanks to reduced Insert Wall Thickness

Yet another major advantage of BIOLOX® is that it enables wear couples with larger ball head diameters while retaining the identical cup size. BIOLOX® cup insert walls are thinner than those of polyethylene inserts.

  • BIOLOX® Ceramics for Medical Products

    BIOLOX® Hip product portfolio

  • BIOLOX® Ceramics for Medical Products

    BIOLOX® Ball heads – Safety reminder

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