Longevity, Biocompatibility and Wear Resistance

BIOLOX® – Competence in Joint Replacement

Extensive specialized knowledge in development and production together with uncompromising quality management make BIOLOX® advanced ceramic implants the successful, clinically-proven standard for medical professionals worldwide.

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“Orthopedics Meets Dentistry”
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Worth knowing:

Implants made from BIOLOX® Advanced Ceramics

  • More than 40 years of experience in
    ceramic hip replacement components
  • More than 15 million BIOLOX® components sold
  • Safe in terms of metal ion release 1, 2
  • No known risk of allergy 3
  • Excellent biological behavior 3
  • Significantly lower fretting corrosion 4
  • Excellent wettability 5
  • Resistant to third-body wear 6
  • Highly scratch resistant articulation surface 7

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To our customers we are a trusted strategic innovation partner in the market. We offer a wide range of value-adding services to support our partners’ ongoing success in a rapidly changing market environment. Our broad range of services reflect the complete product life cycle workflow of our partners from ideation over engineering, manufacturing, regulatory through marketing and education.


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