SPK® Precision Tools for Boring

Boring Tools with Fixed Insert Seatings and Cassettes

CeramTec’s tools designed for boring cast iron workpieces can be fitted with SPK® mixed ceramics, CBN, oxide ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, cermets and coated versions.

Boring Tools with Fixed Insert Seatings and Cassettes

Boring cast iron workpieces of the type gray cast iron and ductile cast iron takes on a whole new dimension when SPK® cutting materials are used together with the matching boring tool system: In both series and mass production it is possible to achieve cutting values with vc > 1,000 m/min and feed rates > 0.14 mm/z with process reliability. Other advantages include adherence to the tightest tolerances for dimensions and shape. The following machining steps can be shortened or completely eliminated in most cases.

Drilling Performance Data
Material Gray cast iron, ductile cast iron
Types of machining Boring
Cutting materials - mixed ceramics
- oxide ceramics
- silicon nitride ceramics
- coated versions
Machining 3.2 Ra 6.3 Ra 12.5 Ra

Rough machining, finishing

Cutting data recommendations vc > 1,000 m/min
fz > 0.14 mm
KSS With KSS + Without KSS

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