SPK® Precision Tools

MonsoonTool® Technology –
Your Tool for safe Chip Breaking

Difficult to machine materials such has high-temperature nickel alloys or titanium place extremely high demands on metalworking. Process reliability is the most decisive parameter in this field for which CeramTec provides ideal solutions with its MonsoonTool® Technology.

MonsoonTool® Technology is an innovative tool system featuring integrated high-pressure cooling lubrication that enables it to eliminate the problematic formation of long chips. Starting at a pressure of 40 bar, the MonsoonTool® system cuts endless chips into short chip fragments with optimum process reliability. This makes it possible to machine SPK® CSA cutting materials, which are used with high cutting data to machine aviation engine components, with the highest possible process reliability.

Undesired band chips

Optimum short chips
MonsoonTool® Technology tool, 35–75 bar

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