Piezo-ceramics for Gas Ignition

Piezo-ceramic Components for Gas Igniters and Lighters

There are two different standard designs of piezo-ceramic components used for gas ignition: mechanisms that squeeze and mechanisms that strike, each with a unique mechanical construction.

Piezo-ceramics for Gas Ignition

For squeeze igniters CeramTec has developed the piezo-ceramic material SONOX® P41, while impact-type igniters use SONOX® P5. Almost all of CeramTec’s piezo-ceramic cylinders are supplied with ground front and end faces, which gives these components a parallelism better than 15 μm.

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With the acquisition of the Electro-Ceramics Division from Morgan Technical Ceramics, CeramTec has broadened its already extensive range of piezo-ceramic materials and products.

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