AMB 2016 – International exhibition for metalworking

Discover the multitude of SPK-solutions –
Cutting materials and tool systems for machining applications at AMB Stuttgart

From September 13th to 17th, CeramTec will present new solutions for hardturning with reduced cutting forces using solid PcBN cutting inserts and three new milling tool systems for face milling of hardened steel and cast iron workpieces at the AMB in 2016, the International Exhibition for Metalworking in Stuttgart. You will find SPK Cutting Materials and Tool Systems in Hall 1 at Stand C52.

Discover the wide range of
SPK solutions – at AMB 2016

In Hall 1, Stand C52.
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The new SPK Milling Catalog

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SPK Milling Catalog

SPK “Milling” Whitepaper

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SPK Whitepaper

“Take advantage of this opportunity – meet the CeramTec machining experts at AMB Stuttgart 2016!”

SPK presents new tool systems for maximum machining efficiency at AMB 2016 – a new solid PcBN cutting insert geometry for reduced cutting forces when hard turning and three new milling tool systems for face milling of hardened steel and cast iron workpieces. Find out more about our innovations at the CeramTec booth: SPK high-performance ceramic and PcBN cutting inserts and a multitude of tool systems for turning, hard turning, grooving and boring.

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New cutting insert geometry for hard turning

SPK® Fräskatalog

The new cutting insert geometry for hard turning provides numerous advantages. Using the new geometry, the cutting forces are reduced and ensure high process reliability and highest cutting data, also when machining less stable workpieces. Deflection of the tool and vibration is reduced. Achievable surface quality will increase, also for workpieces with poorer mechanical stability. Stable workpieces can be machined at significantly increased cutting data.

New Milling Tool Systems


The new milling tool system works with round cutting inserts. Milling tools and cutting inserts are equipped with an indexation system. The peripheral cutting edge is therefore clearly divided in eight cutting segments.


The INDICUT Series works with ceramic cutting inserts. 16 cutting edges per insert are available for roughing and semi finishing of GJL (GG) and GJS (GGG) workpieces.


The DUROCUT Series works with CBN cutting inserts and enables face milling of hardened workpieces with 8 cutting edges per insert.


The HEXACUT milling system is equipped with positive cutting inserts with six cutting edges per insert. The positive rake angle ensures lower passive forces and easier cutting process. Roughing and semi finishing of thin-walled workpieces or bridges is possible with high depth of cut.

Worth knowing:

CeramTec at
AMB Stuttgart 2016

  • September 13th to 17th
  • Neue Messe Stuttgart Exhibition Center
  • Hall 1, Stand C52
  • SPK cutting materials and tools for machining applications
  • Advanced ceramics special applications
    in mechanical engineering

AMB – International Exhibition
for Metalworking

The new SPK Milling Catalog

SPK® Fräskatalog

Get your copy of the new SPK Milling Catalog featuring all the information you need on the latest SPK series milling cutters designed for rough machining and finishing at the CeramTec AMB 2016 exhibition stand – or download it here in advance. The application engineering section of the catalog has been completely revised and includes a great deal of new information that is certain to be useful to you in your daily work. An infobox shows you all of the most important usage information at a glance for every milling cutter type along with a detailed description of each machine, allowing you to quickly select the right milling cutter for your specific application.

SPK Whitepaper: “Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, PcBN and Cermet Cutting Materials”

SPK® Whitepaper „Fräsen von Gusseisenwerkstoffen mit Keramik, PcBN und Cermet Schneidstoffen“

Milling with cutting materials made of ceramic, PcBN and cermets has been an accepted machining technology for years. Modern ceramic cutting materials and HPC insert milling cutters are now able to offer maximum performance and process reliability in a single, convenient package. However, practical use shows that milling with carbide inserts remains the primary field of application and is often the reason why many users forgo essential technical and economic benefits in spite of all these systems have to offer. The SPK Whitepaper “Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, PcBN and Cermet Cutting Materials” deals with this topic and details the best methods of face milling cast iron components together with the right milling body using ceramic, PcBN and cermet inserts. It covers subjects such as milling different cast iron materials (CGI, ADI, etc.), cutting parameters for ceramic cutting materials, PcBN and cermets and the milling application method in depth.

The SPK Whitepaper “Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, PcBN and Cermet Cutting Materials” is available in digital format as a PDF file for downloading. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please visit this request page and complete the form there. Once you have registered you will receive an email with a link to your download.

Technical Ceramics in Production Engineering 
and Metalworking

Technische Keramik in Produktionstechnik und Metallbearbeitung

Conventional materials often fail when it comes to advanced technologies and wear protection in industrial applications, in equipment, systems and mechanical engineering processes, in forming and in other metalworking applications because they are unable to meet the changing requirements in these industries. This is where technical ceramics come into play, providing custom-tailored solutions and enabling special applications. The ceramic experts from the Industrial Ceramics Sales Center will also be on hand at AMB Stuttgart to discuss solutions with ceramic materials for these specific application areas.

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CeramTec Advanced Ceramics will be on display
in Hall 1, Stand C52.

Neue Messe Stuttgart, Halle 1, Stand C52

Site map of the Neue Messe Stuttgart Exhibition Center

Thank you very much for your interest in advanced ceramics by CeramTec and your visit to our exhibition booth! Your CeramTec AMB Stuttgart 2016 team.

Where Can…

…Advanced Ceramics Be Found? Our new brochure about ceramics in our world answers the question where technical ceramics deliver peak performance every day.

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Technical Ceramics Manual

The chapters of this manual include an overview of materials, manufacturing processes, ceramic-oriented component design and examples for applications.

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Ceramic Materials

Technical ceramics are advanced ceramic materials that make those applications possible today and tomorrow that were thought to be nearly impossible just yesterday.

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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