Technical Ceramics at the Leading International Process Industry Trade Fair

CeramTec will be at the global forum for the chemical engineering and process industry, ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, from June 11th–15th, where it will be presenting ceramic components for use in mechanical and thermal processes and in measurement and control technology and process control engineering.


“Take advantage of this opportunity – meet the CeramTec Ceramic Experts at ACHEMA 2018!”

Tremendous wear resistance, temperature resistance and a high level of corrosion resistance make advanced ceramics an interesting alternative to other materials wherever wear and corrosion protection requirements are high or components are subject to extreme temperatures and mechanical loads. The Ceramic Experts will demonstrate how ceramic components can extend the service life of parts exposed to high levels of stress in the process industry for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology at the 32nd annual ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main.

Thank you very much for your interest in advanced ceramics by CeramTec and your visit to our exhibition booth! Your CeramTec ACHEMA 2018 team.

Worth knowing:

CeramTec at ACHEMA 2018

  • June 11th to 15th, 2018
  • Messe Frankfurt
  • Hall 9.0, Booth E18
  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Discover the World of Advanced Ceramics at ACHEMA 2018

Ceramic Pipes and Tubes for Technical Processes and Applications

CeramTec produces a variety of ceramic pipes and tubes in myriad shapes, materials and manufacturing processes. Whether filtration, galvanization, water heating or soil analysis; fields of application such as the chemicals industry, laboratories, electronics and electrical engineering, environmental technology or foundry technology – CeramTec’s team of experienced experts develops and optimizes ceramic pipes and tubes for a wide range of processes and applications.

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ROCAR® Silicon Carbide for
Industrial Applications

Components made from ROCAR® silicon carbide ceramics are extraordinarily hard, wear-resistant and possess excellent thermal conductivity properties. Corrosion, abrasion or erosion by liquid media are a thing of the past with ROCAR®, as is wear due to friction. ROCAR® silicon carbide from CeramTec is available as an infiltrated silicon carbide with a coarse or fine grain structure (SSiC or SiSiC).

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Grinding, Mixing and Dispersing with Ceramic Tools

CeramTec offers a broad range of experience in grinding, mixing and dispersing along with the right materials for individualized components with complex geometries and custom designs. Ceramic has proven itself as a suitable alternative to steel or other nickel-containing metals in machine component manufacturing because it is colorless, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

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Wear and Corrosion Protection with ALOTEC® Linings

ALOTEC® advanced ceramics have helped CeramTec-ETEC become one of the world’s largest and most important providers of wear and corrosion protection solutions. ALOTEC® is used widely to protect pneumatic pipe systems from wear. Highly turbulent areas in particular, arcs, pipe necks, manifolds and inlet pipe ends often experience extreme wear. ALOTEC® achieves a service life up to 10 times that of steel in such applications.

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Ceramic Seal and Regulator Technology in Equipment and Mechanical Engineering

What all of these ceramic materials have in common is their unsurpassed wear resistance and chemical resistance to aggressive media that flow through components at high temperatures and under high pressure. This means that components made from these materials satisfy even the most stringent requirements when it comes to functionality, long service life and cost effectiveness in equipment and mechanical engineering.

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Download the brochure “Advanced Ceramics –
So your pump runs for longer”

This brochure gives an overview on the know-how of CeramTec in components for pump-engineering. You may also find other specific brochures under the above mentioned link.

Wear-resistant, Corrosion-resistant PERLUCOR® Viewports and Inspection Windows

PERLUCOR® is a mechanically, chemically, thermally and optically perfected solution for transparent applications in extreme conditions. In virtually every area its properties are far superior to conventional glasses. Ceramic delivers convincing performance thanks to its uniquely high chemical resistance, which makes it possible to use this material even with highly concentrated acids and lyes, along with its thermal resistance, which is three times that of other materials and enables applications at temperatures of up to 1,600° C.

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Thank you very much for your interest in advanced ceramics by CeramTec and your visit to our exhibition booth! Your CeramTec ACHEMA 2018 team.

Visit CeramTec Advanced Ceramics in Hall 9.0, Booth E18

Hall Floor Plan of the Messe Frankfurt

Where Can…

…Advanced Ceramics Be Found? Our new brochure about ceramics in our world answers the question where technical ceramics deliver peak performance every day.

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Technical Ceramics Manual

The chapters of this manual include an overview of materials, manufacturing processes, ceramic-oriented component design and examples for applications.

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Ceramic Materials

Technical ceramics are advanced ceramic materials that make those applications possible today and tomorrow that were thought to be nearly impossible just yesterday.

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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