triduon® Standard Cartridges

Standard Cartridges for Sanitary Fittings in proven CeramTec Quality

triduon® standard cartridges are made from high-strength, high-density materials. At their heart are the nearly diamond-hard Ceramdisc® ceramic seal discs. They are made in Germany and offer a large comfort zone.

triduon<sup>®</sup> Standard Cartridges

“triduon® stands for quality made in Germany, long-lasting comfort and maximum safety thanks to the innovative and efficient use of resources.”

The triduon® cartridge system is designed for use in faucets and mixing units. For single-handle mixers the cartridges feature both open and closed designs with cartridge diameters of 35 mm or 40 mm and come in a “Comfort” and “High-flow” version. Optional accessories like flow and mechanical temperature limiters and check valves are also available for all triduon® cartridge system models. Plans are currently underway to expand the triduon® cartridge system with a 25 mm diameter option. With triduon® thermo CeramTec offers a mixing cartridge with ceramic discs and thermostatic scalding protection for small fittings.

triduon® Cartridge System Advantages

triduon<sup>®</sup> Cartridge System Advantages

  • Ceramdisc® couplings with special geometries
  • Excellent comfort zone with an angle up to 23°
  • High-grade materials (EMS Grivory®, EPDM® seals, long-life lubricants)
  • International certifications, including NSF, IAPMO, ACS, WRAS, Watermark, KIWA and KTW
  • Certified endurance tests with 70,000 and 500,000 cycles
  • Optional accessories, including features that save even more water
  • Made in Germany

triduon® – the Standard Cartridge with excellent Comfort Zone

triduon<sup>®</sup> – the Standard Cartridge with excellent Comfort Zone

CeramTec Ceramdisc® ceramic discs are at the heart of triduon® cartridges; the “Comfort” models deliver extremely precise temperature control. While other cartridge manufacturers only have comfort zones with 18° angles, triduon® cartridges enable extremely precise temperature control: a comfort zone with an angle up to 23°. This is due to the geometry of the Ceramdisc® discs, which achieve close to diamond-like hardness. This also causes any particulates in the water (sand, rust, lime) to be ground between the sliding surfaces without damage.

Maximum Safety thanks to high-strength specialized Plastics

“CeramTec triduon® cartridges are made of the best materials available on the market.”

EMS Video for High-strength Specialized Plastic Grivory®

triduon® standard cartridges get their black color from the high-strength plastic from EMS-GRIVORY®. This plastic is significantly stronger than conventional plastic and was originally developed as a replacement for metal fasteners. It can easily withstand pressure peaks and extremely high temperatures. For details please see triduon® datasheets. Moreover, the entire triduon® cartridge is chemically resistant and delivers users clean water that is free from impurities.

Certified Safety worldwide

What’s more, triduon® cartridges have all the certificates to prove that CeramTec meets the global sanitary industry’s high quality standards with regard to both health safety and sterility and that the cartridges have passed endurance tests with 70,000 and 500,000 cycles with nine motions (corresponds to 4.5 million full motions) and are regularly checked and improved.

Read more about our certified safety

triduon® Standard Cartridge Technical Specifications

The detailed data sheets feature technical specifications for currently available triduon® cartridge models, including dimensions, hysteresis, endurance tests and comfort zones.

  • triduon® 35 mm Comfort version

    • Language: PDF, 462 KB

    • Language: PDF, 536 KB

    • Language: PDF, 561 KB

  • triduon® 35 mm High flow version

    • Language: PDF, 470 KB

    • Language: PDF, 541 KB

    • Language: PDF, 568 KB

  • triduon® 40 mm Comfort version

    • Language: PDF, 630 KB

    • Language: PDF, 703 KB

    • Language: PDF, 726 KB

  • triduon® 40 mm High flow version

    • Language: PDF, 632 KB

    • Language: PDF, 709 KB

    • Language: PDF, 725 KB

Optional Components for triduon® Standard Cartridges

Optional accessories such as volume limiters, volume limiter screws, temperature limiters and flow limiters are available for all of our triduon® standard cartridge models. CeramTec can deliver the optional components pre-installed on request or enclose them separately with each order.

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